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Beat that dead horse…

Even without the television distracting me, I am still in the low end of the “word production” spectrum.  It is so easy to fall into the traps that steal away time and sap productivity.  The required 100 words a day on “In Harm’s Way” is helping and actually encouraging me to produce more, but when that stint at the keyboard is done I’m done (stick a fork in me).  Thus I am churning out only a couple of hundred words a day, usually less than 500…but let me tell you, my house is CLEAN!

It’s funny, I find myself not even thinking about the novel when I am finished with my daily bit of work, and I’m not sure what the cause of that is.  I know I have a deadline and I know it is coming up soon, but I cannot seem to make myself realize that the deadline is going to show up a lot quicker than I expect…nor just how far behind I am. 

Any ideas?  Because ladies and gents, I am struggling.

In better news, I’ve had a rash of ideas lately.  Some are nebulous, some are not, but most I can see as developing into something.  Honestly, most of them are novel ideas which is strange because before last year I never thought I’d be able to pull out an idea long enough to support a novel.  Now I’m almost wishing I had a few more short story ideas, as those are easier to A) finish, B) market, and C) get published…oh well, no looking a gift horse in the mouth, eh? 

Now that Day and I are both healthy again, we are going to once more take up the burden of Unleaded (who, I hate to say, has fallen by the wayside with all the illness and traveling and general blah invading the household).  This weekend has some nasty weather planned and so she and I are going to lock ourselves in her office and try to accomplish things normally out of reach with our busy lives. 

BTW, if it snows we shall be out taking photos…well, she will be taking them and I will be lighting up my fire fans to get some (hopefully) great shots of me spinning away.  Unfortunately that means I’ll still have to get my shot for the week.  Perhaps, I’ll brave the weather on Sunday and see if I can get some neat snow shots downtown…I hope it snows.  I love snow, and even more I love D.C. in the snow. 

Peace to y’all (just back from Missouri, can you tell?) 



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