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Photo Sunday #5


It’s a little late, but here are the photos of the week.

Now before you get all up in arms about my posting so late, I have a good excuse. I went to Missouri this weekend to give a presentation and see my parents (who I just realized I haven’t seen since the 4th of July!) and have been running like something that runs sorta crazily all over without any real direction since I got back.

Before I left a little bit of an ice storm moved through…it was beautiful and I got up a little early to capture some of the beauty before it melted away in the warm afternoon. I’m glad I did, because sure enough, I got home and none of the ice was left. Just water pooling on my front walk.


Ice on the bush in our front yard.

I love going back to Missouri, it is such a wonderful way to unwind…it’s a place the represents safety and nostalgia. I feel it represents MY history in a way D.C. never could. Yes, I am a part of this country and yes I feel like I have a stake in all the amazing buildings and landmarks here in the nation’s capital, but my own personal history is in the Heartland where I grew up. Thus, in talking with Dad, we realized there was a unique photo opportunity right up the road. Pickering Farm was once a huge 2000 acre farm owned by a local lumber baron until it was sold to the Good family. The Good’s raised donkeys for the military and cattle for everyone else…their daughter married a man named Owen and it became the “Owen-Good Ranch” and switched over to horses. Now, in the age of internet and highways, the ranch has been split into a number of parts but a few buildings remain…

A barn on the Pickering Estates side of the Owen-Good Farm.

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