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Photo Sunday #2

Here are the photos for Photo Sunday #2.

The Many Tree is my actual “submission”.  It is a tree located at the back of our yard whose roots are slowly being exposed due to erosion.  We plan on fixing this eventually (it’s not bad enough to warrant us acting on it now), so these great pictures won’t be available to me forever.  Thus I really wanted to get some shots of it.  These were taken as the sun was going down, so I used the flash.  I like the contrast of the ultra-bright overexposed roots and the creeping darkness at the edges of the frame.  I think this might even be better in black and white, but at the same time the greens really bring something to it. 

Ms. Tootsie is my, “what the hell?” submission.  My co-worker’s aunt made this candy jar for her.  Supposedly, this is only the first in a long line of dolls with different hairstyles…this one being the “afro doll”.  Ms. Tootsie nearly scared the crap out of me when I first saw her, I thought it was some sick joke.  Still, the longer you look at her the nicer she seems to become.  The homespun of the doll against the sterile of the office doesn’t grab me.  I’d like to borrow Ms. Tootsie for a while and put her in some grass or in some antique store and take some photos…I think THAT would be a picture that would really stand out.  I may have to try and make one.

This Photo Sunday thing is actually proving harder than I expected.  I get home at night just before the sun sets, and I have a bad habit of waiting till the last minute to leave my house in the mornings.  That leaves the weekend, but if I want to spend time taking photos I’ve got to break out and think about it…and in the winter, in the cold…who wants to think?

The other aspect to this is my desire to locate something near us to snap.  I want to find the things around me beautiful or interesting enough to capture, but I’m having trouble with it.  I don’t care for this neighborhood as much as I did the condo…then again, the condo had people to landscape for them and the houses around here are busier raising their kids and adding onto their house.  Then there is the added taboo of taking pictures of things that don’t belong to you…the grounds at the condo were for everyone the grounds here belong to our neighbors.  Neighbors we don’t know very well.


Oh well, here are the pix.  I’ll save other ruminations on this subject for later…

The Many Tree

Ms. Tootsie


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  1. 2/7/2008 | 1:34 pm Permalink

    I have the same problems with finding outside time and issues relating to things not belonging to you.

    OMG, that doll is fantastic. Shoot her against something totally flat…black or white, so that there is no background noise to distract. Directing some upwards pointing light would be incredible through those tootsie roll wrappers…would make them more translucent, and put some light in her eyes too.

    I agree…tree’s colors are important. However, the depth or richness is missing and the highlights blown out. Did you use the flash on the camera? I wonder if a hand held light source (even a clip light) providing illumination would be a better treatment? I’ve gotten interesting results from that.

    It’s great to see you getting out and shooting!

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  2. 2/12/2008 | 1:13 pm Permalink

    I’m going to shoot Ms. Tootsie (did I mention that I did not name her?) again…I just need to find the time. It is snowing here today and I thought that might be a crazy neat thing to do with her. Put her in front of the window with snow behind her…Not sure though.

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