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Goal Oriented.

I am quickly realizing that the only thing that keeps me working on “In Harm’s Way” are the weekly goals I give to my writing group (CVS).   It seems a shame that a month ago I was consumed by writing and now…well, not so much.  Ugh, I know I keep writing about this or variations on this theme but it just keeps PLAGUING me.

I want to finish this so I can set it aside for a while and work on some shorter projects.  I’ve got a great idea for a railroad story and another one about a guy who plays Russian roulette with the one thing he knows will kill him and a third about a girl who goes off looking for her talisman but finds herself instead…but I can’t bring myself to work on them.  Not with Day and a deadline and weekly goals breathing down my neck.

Do you feel my pain?  Do you?

Hey, did I mention Hawaii?  Well, then let me take this moment to say that I have two weeks off this coming December and Day and I are discussing an out of country experience for that particular holiday.  I’m aiming for Venice again (seeing as we keep making plans but never actually go)…but perhaps we should go somewhere else…somewhere warmer, but without killer insects and snakes.  Any ideas?

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