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Photo Sunday #1

As part of my New Year’s Resolutions (and many thanks to Day for discovering someone else doing this and suggesting it) I have decided to institute Photo Sunday!

Every Sunday I will upload one or two photos I’ve taken in the past week.  Ideally, this will lead me to a greater understanding of what makes a good photo for me…and will hone my skills in constructing and taking those photos.

Here is week one.  Both pictures were taken during our recent snow storm (only the 2nd one this year).  I was lucky enough to get off work at 3:30pm, so the light was still strong by the time I got home.  I just stepped outside and started snapping anything that looked good to me.  It was raining as I took these shots and and the snow was falling from the trees like little wet snowbombs.  It was tough keeping the camera dry…

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  1. 2/7/2008 | 1:53 pm Permalink

    I love the berry pic. It needs adjustment to bring the most out of it. At very least, the white point needs to be brought up by levels.

    I’ve played with it…where should I post the result? I think you will be very happy with it…

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