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A writers question for the day…

After going to the Building Museum with Day this weekend (which was amazing and a lot of fun, I recommend it if you like architecture at all), I have been thinking about the things we see every day that, after the initial impression, become mundane and expected. Like the Great Hall in the Building Museum, I am sure the people that work there don’t even look at those columns…or if they do, they don’t see it as more than part of the office. This leads me to wonder if we do that in our writing?

We spend so much time in our heads, crafting our plots, developing our characters that when they pop out onto paper we are used to them…tired of writing their story…unimpressed with what they are accomplishing.

I know I do it. I get 3/4ths of the way through a novel and suddenly lose interest in the people I am writing about. This usually coincides with the point in the book where I am having trouble figuring out what to do or where to go in my plot. I think this is NOT a coincidence.

Still, it makes me wonder…if we could keep some of that initial ‘squee’ (for lack of a better word) about our writing if it wouldn’t help us over the hump and on to completion.

How do you keep your ‘squee’?


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