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Why is writing so important?

So, on unleaded (www.dayalmohamed.com/unleaded) I talked about resolutions and how I am making some writing resolutions this year to go along with some of my others.

Why? Why is writing so important?

Because if I want to be a successful writer, I should focus on writing. It should become such an integral part of my life that it demands its own resolution, that not giving it one would be a grave insult to who I am. Over the top? Melodramatic? Possibly, but I am trying to push my writing. I don’t want to be that person that has two mostly finished novels decaying in her bedside table or rattling around on an old laptop. I want to be published, I want to give my book out to my family on Christmas and shock the hell out of them. I want to dive into the world of my imagination and come up with the 15 lb. bass that gets shown on “Rod’s Big Ol’ Fish”.

Writing should absorb me and I should look up at the end of the year, stunned by what I have accomplished. I shouldn’t wake up after 11 months of not writing only to dive into Nanowrimo the day it starts with an idea for a story and little else. No. I should prepare for writing, and write every chance I am given. I should know I am going to write and be ready for it, and then…well…WRITE!

No matter how hard it is, not matter how much I detest and loathe what I am doing I should push on, I should keep going forward because I can and I am.

Let me close by sharing a story…

I had a friend once, who was shocked when she learned that I had been published by an online magazine. Her exact words to me were, “I should start writing again and submit a few things…because if YOU can get published I KNOW I can get published.”

As if she knew (without reading the story) that she was so much better than I was that she would be a shoe in. Let me be honest and say, as talented as she was and as inexperienced as I was it was probably true, but the difference between she and I WAS and ALWAYS WILL BE that I wrote and submitted and she did not.

One very small but terribly important difference. I just need to keep making it a difference.


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