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Look at me…launched and everything.

There is a certain joy that comes with typing in ones name on the internet and having something come up, especially if it is something as beautiful and well done as my new website. (If you are seeing this on LJ, please feel free to run over and visit www.nrbrown.com )

I’ve still got tweaks I’d like to make, adding a greeting page and linking my title back to that page, oh and fixing the title, and adding pages for my projects. Naggy little things, that can be done in due time. No rush chaps, this is a perpetual work in progress.

Project update…

In Harm’s way is at 65 thousand and going strong. I’ve set another goal of 15 thousand words in 10 days. This is an increase over the 15 thousand words in 12 days that I had at set for myself at the end of NANOWRIMO. My super-uber-secret goal is to reach 100,000 words by the time I am done with this novel. That will allow me to cut anywhere from 10 to 20 thousand words when I edit in order to make this a tight novel.

I am submitting the first chapter of “In Harm’s Way” to CVS for review on December 27th and am hoping the reviews will be as positive as the snippet I had submitted previously of this same work.

This novel was a long time in coming, and has an interesting story behind it actually. I had an idea that was proving too big for the usual short story. The more I wrote on it the more it wanted to run away with itself, so I decided to use the story as the basis for my first attempt at NANOWRIMO. I wrote nearly 5 thousand words, in addition to the 3500 I’d written for the short story (which was going to be extracted and used in the novel in another form) when I sputtered out. Today 5 thousand doesn’t seem like much, but back then it was quite a chunk for me, especially since that chunk was not a self contained short story. I sputtered out because I felt like the plot was falling apart…I had a good solid idea, but it was too nebulous for me to spend NANO amounts of time on (doing that would have made the idea shred itself even further).

I gave up and lost NANO that year.

I revisited this story time and again over the next three years, finding it too interesting to let go and yet too flawed to continue with. Then one day, I took the thing that was causing me the most trouble (what superpower to give to my heroine) and got rid of it. I just removed it from the picture. She would be powerless.

The story resolved itself (well, mostly) after that. It just fell into place. The plot and characters took on a new vibrant and believable life. I decided it was time to write this puppy.

After spending three years with it banging around in my head I thought surely it would be the perfect project to work on in November. I was right. I felt good going into NANO this year, I felt like coming out of the other side…coming into December…I’d be set to keep writing and make this novel really a work to be edited and refined into something worth shopping around.

Still, you know what they say…it’s your 6th novel that will sell. Your first 5 are just training wheels.

Let’s hope I get famous some day and am able to put “In Harm’s Way” in the way of some readers, I really like it so far.

As soon as I get the page for it up (with the synopsis) I’ll let you guys know so you can take a look at the plot and let me know what you think.


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