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I am reward motivated, as those who know me have found, but I have recently discovered I am competition motivated as well.

There is a person I don’t particularly care for in my circle (well, now in my very extended circle thank goodness) and I happen to know her nano name. Well, when I went and looked at her profile this year and saw that she was not only participating but she was beating me I had a fit! Immediately after updating my profile and word count I got after my novel. I worked and worked on that thing and got an extra thousand words out of myself because of it. I’m still not ahead of her, but I am keeping pace…I’m hoping my weekend marathons will give me the edge but if last year is any indication I’ll be neck and neck until the end when I go mad and cannot rest until I have spit out the last 5,000 words.

Honestly, I’ve never been like this before. My sports of choice have always been the ones where you compete against yourself, striving to become better and better. Bowling, archery, swimming…all very solitary things. I like fencing, but I have never loved it, even when I was first learning or when I was winning a lot…I think that is because of the direct competition involved. It always made me sad that one of us had to lose. Especially when it was me.

Anyway, just a nano-revelation for you.

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